Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treating

For some reason Hendrix did NOT want to dress up. We finally got him to wear his boots and vest (and handed him his hat as he walked out the door). Silly kid. He would have looked even cuter if he had worn his whole outfit.

Dave had the pleasure of taking the kids trick or treating last night. I stayed home and put Veda to bed and handed out candy. After going to a few houses, Hendrix runs down a driveway and shouts: "I got SO MANY TREATS!!!" Sarah and Dave tried to recreate it for the camera. I'm sad I was at home and not there experiencing his excitement. Good thing for videos :)
the sweet little cat

 All the cousins (and an extra neighbor- Spiderman... whose name is Quinn believe it or not)

Two funny things that the kids said:
Last night on the way home from Chris and Sarah's house it was DARK. My kids are usually in bed before it gets too dark-- and Hendrix says to Dave: "Who turned out the lights??......  JESUS?!!"

The kids woke up at 6 am asking for candy. I told them that they couldn't have any candy until 8 am. (I know... I'm nice.) I showed Quinn on a clock where each of the hands had to be for it to be 8 o'clock. She was satisfied, but a few minutes later says: "Mom, this is gonna take FOREVA!! One of the hands isn't even moving!"


Mom said...

Kids say and do they cutest things! I'm glad you're blogging some of the cute stuff. We used to be stingy with letting you pig out on the treats then later decided - eat it up, get sick, be done with it!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

LOVE hendrix's costume :)

Chelsea Stevens said...

I love the video... your kids are adorable!!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Cute cute costumes and kiddos :-)

Mom said...

I've been telling everyone the cute things Hendrix says. The kids looked SO cute!