Friday, November 25, 2011

Veda's getting big!!

Quinn is the perfect size for Veda to pull herself up on.

 Quinn better watch out--Veda might catch up in size to Quinn pretty quick :)
Veda gets cuter every day-- which is hard to believe since she's already a doll. There's just something about her getting bigger and getting around more that makes her just the cutest little thing.
 She can go up the stairs like a pro now. Which is good-- except she can't go down and has no problem just standing up and letting herself fall backward. (good thing I'm always right behind her) :)
Slow down my sweet baby girl!! I need a baby around here and I'm not about to have another :)

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Mom said...

Go Veda!! Hooray for big sisters too! I agree that she is a doll1