Monday, November 14, 2011

ode to Krystal

so. I have this sister-in-law.
whose name is krystal.
who asked for a blog post for her birthday.

So here's some awesome things about Krystal:
she's fun to go to parties with.
 She's fun to do crafts with.
 She's a good sport about being in pictures
 She does all the work when we go for walks.
 My kids love her to pieces.
 She's grossed out by kids eating cupcakes.
 She's a phone model (just on the weekends). 
She's good huh? You all want an iPhone now. 
(because of how cool she looks, not because how cool iPhones are)
Love you Krystal. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday. Wish you were here so I would have an excuse to eat some cake.


krystal said...

Ha Ha that was amazing!! Thank you...I really do feel special because I got a great blog post! Love you!

Marcia said...

I know you'll read these Kystal- so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I liked your blog post by Amber. Thanks for being a wonderful sister, sister-in-law and aunt.

krystal said...

awww thanks Marcia, I was just thinking that my post really brought Am's comment percentage down! You are an awesome Gma, momma and sister-in-law's mom! Am is pretty awesome!

kelsey said...

I think I missed my birthday post. Who knew I just had to request it? Lol. You're nice.