Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love weekends-- Dave is home to hold this sweet baby and tease and tickle the other kids all day.

Me-- and the kids, are thankful for Saturdays.


valerie said...

that is so sweet, I love that pic!
I like saturdays also.....that is MY day with ALL my kiddos at the same time :)

did I hear a nasty rumor that you guys are moving??????????????????

kelsey said...

ME TOO. I got so much done this morning, it was unbelievable. Thanks to Jake being home to entertain!

Mom said...

I love weekends too (except when I work a 12 hour shift). It's fun to have our men home huh? We got our ceiling 3/4 put up and I went to "Christmas Through Lowell". Yes, weekends are a wonderful invention. I LOVE that baby Veda and her darling sweet smile.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

seriously! weekends are the BEST!

Dave said...

i love warm, sleepy babies so much.