Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let the countdowns begin

Christmas countdowns start tomorrow at our house. Quinn and I made this one together today. I think he turned out pretty cute. Quinn loves to use scissors, so I thought this would be perfect for her. You cut off part of his beard every day until Christmas. And no-- I obviously can't write numbers in a straight line if I start from the bottom. It gives him character. 

My darling girl might be a little excited for Christmas festivities. And some of you may remember the other advent calendar that I made a couple years ago. That also begins tomorrow-- as well as the Christmas book countdown. (We open a christmas book everyday-- they are the same Christmas books that we read every year. I just wrap them and let them open one a day)
And this little apple of my eye couldn't be any cuter either. She's cutting a top tooth plus has a cold-- yet she is still super duper sweet. (Although I easily held her for 4 hours today. You should see my biceps.)
And on a completely random note-- I made Brown sugar and Balsamic Glazed pork loin for dinner. Make it. Super easy-- and quite good.


Anonymous said...

Amber, I miss seeing you and your cute kids. Must have you over soon for a play date! I'm also glad we aren't the only one starting count downs tomorrow. We have 3 different kinds aswell. Each grandma does a count down with grandma with choc/candy and then another grandma did a small toy/gift one. I LOVE your book idea. Think I will collect more this year and do it next year... So fun and we love books! -Tiff-

Lindsay said...

you are such a good mom. what fun activities. i love the book one. and mr. santa is a fun idea too. and yes, you're right. your girls are super cute.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i can't draw a line or cut straight to save my life so your numbers look perfect to me!!! ha! i love the trimming santas beard idea! what a cute, cute idea!!! how clever!!
we have an adorable cloth advant clanedar that shawn's mom made for us like 5 years ago. it has cute plastic candy canes that you put on it everyday (velcro). this is our very first year using it! it just seemed silly before without jax! we're excited to use it this year!
i LOVE your book idea! i'm def gong to copy that one!
i hope veda feels better soon! a lot of crud is going around right now. no fun :(

Megan said...

Going to the store right now! That pork looks divine. We will be feasting tonight. Thanks

chelsea said...

Great ideas Amber! By the way, the calendar you made last year is amazing. I wish that I had your sewing skills.

Mom said...

Such a cute countdown Santa! I'm sure Quino loves to cut the beard every day. I copied off that recipe. Looked so good. Your girls are so sweet, well so is X.