Thursday, September 10, 2009


i made myself some pot holders. i got this fabric like a year ago when I was with my friend, April. I've had this habit of hanging onto fabric I love because I don't want to use it for some reason. I think i'm worried that I'll mess up on the project I use it for, or will waste it somehow. i've decided to not do that anymore!! i'm just going to use it anyway...seize the day.

I also made quinn one for her kitchen. :)

I made her a couple of belts too. she has a cute pink one....but i never had one for her to wear when she wasn't wearing pink (which isn't often, actually.) so now she has a red one and a brown one.

so hopefully she'll never be without a belt again. :)

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Mom said...

That fabric is exceptionally cute! Great job on those potholders and belts!