Thursday, September 17, 2009


I moved Quinn's house inside into our bonus room. this is her new little set up with her kitchen/house/table. she has been BUSY preparing food as you can see.

now that i have a little scooter he is finding all sorts of new things to play with.

and since i have nothing else to do, i made him new cloth rings. i wasn't 100% satisfied with the first ones i made him. these are better :)

don't you just want to squish his little rolls??


Heather said...

Yes I do!

Kels said...

yes, i want to squish him, and have quinn make me all sorts of goodies in her kitchen.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Wow! Look at those beautiful blue eyes. What a handsome fella :)

Mom said...

Yes, I do want to squish his little rolls. He may get thin now that he moves around so much! Quinn has a cute little set-up to keep her busy. She can make me lots of "food" when I come. She will no-doubt make Grandma Cheryl some culinary delights this week-end.