Monday, September 21, 2009

we're in a fight

my sewing machine and i have been fighting the last week or so. the tension is off and I haven't been able to fix it.'s quite frustrating. i called the viking store today to ask for some guidance and the repair guy said that it sounded like he should look at it. so i trudged to Boise with both kids and my sewing machine....for him to fix in exactly 30 seconds. he said it was in need of a tune up, but that it would take a week. like i can live without my machine for a week!! so i said, 'thank you,' and took it home with me anyway. despite our fight, I have made these few things over the last week. but they are far from perfect since my machine has been acting crazy.
this is a trash can that hangs off the seat of your car. tutorial here

a tutu I made for my niece, Ellie. it was her birthday--and she started ballet this year.

some fabric toy buckets for hendrix. we've been keeping his toys in baskets, but he keeps hurting himself on them. tutorial for these here and i also used this tutorial

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Mom said...

LOVE the trash holder, tutu and toy bags! Cute, cute, cute! I hope your machine and you can get along now. I love the new look of your blog (good job, Dave).