Saturday, September 12, 2009

art in the park

we went to art in the park today. there were TONS of people this year (but also because we went on saturday...right in the middle of the day). the art was slightly unimpressive, but there were a few great booths. and the food was good :)
see all the people?

dave lookin' cool

does this picture make you want a cookie?

my sweet boy sleeping in the stroller. i love this little guy so much. he has turned into the sweetest, happiest, greatest baby ever. i just kiss him and squeeze him all day because I can't help myself.

q being silly with daddy's glasses. i gave her a haircut today--but didn't get a great shot of it. i'm sure i'll post one soon!

now i'll stop blogging for the night and go sew! i'm home with the kiddos since dave's band has a show tonight. someday i'll go watch them play-two kids get in the way!! i'm sure they are sounding great :)


Kels said...

there is a new "rock n' roll" line at old navy. you probably SHOULDN'T go check it out, it might be dangerous! lol. it's super cute.

Mom said...

Unfortunately, everything makes me want a cookie! But Quinn does make it look extra delicious. I wish I could hug and kiss Hendrix that often! That looks like it was a fun activity to attend.

Sarah said...

You are quick! Art in the park looked like it was fun. Hendrix is so cute sleeping in that stroller! I loved him without his shirt on playing the piano!!! All those rolls are just to die for. Come see us soon!