Sunday, September 13, 2009

make-up bag

Old make-up bag:

New make-up bag:

It's almost fall, so I needed an orange one. I made it using this tutorial. I am quite pleased with myself. It is definitely the best zipper job I've ever done. If anyone wants one--give me a zipper--I'll make you one using my cutest fabric :)

and also--if you use the tutorial, I enlarged mine by 2 inches. but I probably didn't need to...I think it would have been plenty big if I hadn't.
and a quick shot of Quinner's trim.

and which of you know how to crochet and is going to teach me??


Megan said...

I feel inspired. I am in desperate need of a new makeup bag. Mine is just too small. When I travel I have to chose only one eyeshadow which is a tragedy.....I have some cute fabric calling my name in the studio...but do I have a zipper? We will soon find out.

daine said...

Quinn's hair looks awesome, Am.

Where's my make-up bag? Mine is severely lacking.

Amanda knows how to crochet. Come visit us in Chicago and she'll be glad to teach you.

Mom said...

Before I read your comment from Daine, I was thinking, Amanda rocks at crocheting. She re-taught me, so I kind of know how. My dishrags turned out too dense though. Perhaps we both need a lesson.

Mom said...

P.S. I love Quinn's haircut!

Pikula's said...

I love the make up bag, why can't my hair be as cute as Quinn's??? She is adorable!