Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twin Falls Part 2 (Hop 2 It)

After lunch we went to a place called Hop 2 It. They had a bunch of blow up bouncy things and slides. They girls loved it. (And I think the parents did too)

Quinn was surprisingly fearless. HEre she is going over a tube.

She would always land right on her head...but she didn't seem to mind :)

she got pretty good at rock climbing out of the ball pit too

the dad's hanging out in the ball pit. It seemed to be Evie's favorite part of the place, so she was in there a lot!

daddy helping Quinn down a slide

Hendrix hanging out with daddy

If you are ever in Twin Falls, you should check it out. It was in a weird spot of town, but was worth the $5 it costs us to get in (For the whole family!!). They had a huge slide that was WAY fun. It was too big for the 2 year olds....but I had tons of fun on it :)

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Mom said...

Looks like a very fun place! Remember that growing up is optional when it comes to slides and ball pits! We need one of those places here.