Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twin Falls Part 3 (Park)

Our last stop for the day was at a park.

I thought I was prepared for the day since I brought both kids an extra outfit. It turns out that Quinn needed TWO extra outfits. She fell in some water up to her neck and was SOAKED. So she had to wear Hendrix's out fit that was a bit tight on her...hehe..
I love how Evie and Paul have the same facial expression in this picture.

Evie would crawl around and bark and pretend to be a puppy. It was hilarious. Here she is eating some snacks like a puppy. And I think Quinn was trying to put a pretzel in her shirt pocket


Quinn had quite the fall at the park. She fell and got a bruiser on her forehead. Poor girl. PLUS she had fallen in water up to her neck. We really wore her out yesterday, but it was SO fun!!


Mom said...

It's astounding that Quinn could wear Hendrix clothes, but very handy. It's too bad she got bonked.

cc said...

Wow, you really do love to blog! ;) I love your blog name and your sewing projects are adorable. I can teach you to crochet if you teach me some sewing basics...cute stuff!

krystal said...

looks good Am.. hey when you click on my name it doesn't take me to my blog.. Not that I just sit and look at my own blog or anything....:)