Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hendrix's 1/2 birthday!!!

Happy 6 months Hendrix!!!!!

classic, mom....

He (of course) didn't get cake. But he scarfed down some pears (don't mind his poor face...for his birthday he got a nasty cold)

me and my mom

Quinn in a super cute outfit from her Aunt Julie. I'm so happy it is leggings and boots weather!!!

Quinn's 1/2 birthday

and haha....I apparently like to take pictures of my cakes with my face in them.... :) I laughed when I found that old picture of Quinn and her cake and I saw this one too....I haven't changed a bit


Heather said...

Look how long your hair is getting! I love it! Quinn's outfit is way cute. What a cute idea to do a 1/2 bday. You're such a fun Mom!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Quinn is sooo tiny in her half birthday picture!!!
Did you cut Hendrix's hair? It's super cute!!

Julie said...

Quinners looks so cute in her new outfit. Those boots are ADORABLE!

cc said...

I love your cake idea. Very fun. I've been meaning to send you the details on the birthday banner, but I thought it was too much for a comment...Brian's supposed to be getting me your email...