Monday, September 21, 2009

new look

hi everyone.
dave helped me change the blog. it's kind of like how dave is the last person ever to get a haircut--sometimes i'm the last one to get to take advantage of his design services. dave surprised me this morning with the new look--and i love it! thanks dave! and i finally put up the rest of the links to the blogs i follow and my favorite craft blogs. and a couple cute pics of the kids.
we had a busy weekend with my mother-in-law here. and i didn't take ANY pictures for some reason. the kids had a blast with grandma!! and i had fun too (we went to Target WITHOUT the kids!!) sorry about the lack of pictures....I'm sure I'll take some soon.


Lindsey said...

I like the new look! Your title is too funny.

Lindsay said...

love the new layout. very cute. way to go dave!!!

Kels said...

i like it. nice job.