Monday, September 07, 2009


We spent the afternoon with our friends Jason, christy, and Emery. we had a picnic at the park....of course.
i love the look on both the kids' faces....they are oviously having fun.

Quinn and dave eating....don't sit too close to each other.

Hendrix loving life on the swings

I forgot Quinn's belt. oops. she would be running around and all of a sudden have her pants fall ALL the way down. so...we just put Hendrix's pants on her...haha. good thing she has a brother with pants that fit her.

She told Emery ALL about how her mom forgot her belt. he obviously couldn't care less.

Jason pulled Quinn and Emery around behind his bike. Quinn LOVED it. we better get a bike trailer for next summer!

and YES--that is the kids holding hands...haha...isn't that the sweetest thing ever??

Jason pulling the kids...and yep--that's dave in the background

a better picture of dave cruising around on Christy's bike. what a man

Quinn thought it was the greatest thing ever to get inside this diaper box and have me carry her around.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You need to buy little Quinners a belt!! :)
I love the picture of Hendrix on the swing. How cute!

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

lol. I laughed a lot at this post. First of all, you are super strong. I don't know if I could pick Jade up inside a box with such ease.
Also, I love Christy's bike, its so cute.

Mom said...

Nice Labor Day at the park, huh? It looks like it was a beautiful day. It was here too. Cute with the kids holding hands. Dave's gonna get teased riding a girl's bike. It's funny how little kids think the simplest things things are hilarious, like hiding in a box!

The Thomsons said...

Quinn in the box is so hilarious! The boys loved watching it too... Thurston wanted to keep watching it over and over.

Lindsay said...

wow, she is a peanut. so cute. and i love how she wears her brothers clothes. adorable.

Clint said...

Ok... are you thinking what i'm thinking? That box is looking awfully carry-on size.... come to australia and bring the kids!!!

Kels said...

along with quinn needing a belt. . . you need a tailor! lol. have you heard of one? jk.