Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We know you've all been patiently awaiting the biggest holiday of the year, so let your waiting cease. AmberFest is officially upon us. The week-long celebration that is all things Amber's Birthday kicks off today. I actually stayed up (it is 12:22am) just to ring in the celebration. Although I am alone, as Am went to bed around 9ish, it is quite a magical event.

As well as a present everyday, this year for AmbieFest I've decided to give away one Amber secret every day for us all to get to know this beautiful, wonderful, sweet, fun and totally rad mother, wife, seamstress, friend, wing-lady & (don't read this in-laws) smoocher.

Day 1: Amber loves brownies.

Most of you may be thinking that is obvious. True, true. What is funny about Am's love for brownies is that in 98.347% (true statistic) of all cases, this is what I find shortly after being asked, "Did you have a brownie?"

Happy AmberFest! Love you Darling.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YAY for Amberfest! This is so cute!!! :)

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

lol. So at first I expected all the posting to be done by Amber, so I thought it was Amber staying up and ringing in her own Amberfest. haha. What a great husband you are Dave! And Amber, happy birthday week.

Amber said...

I hope that all the other 'secrets' aren't embarrassing! (and in my defense-I didn't eat ALL the brownies this time--i gave half of them to Chris and sarah)
thanks babe...i love you. thanks for kicking off am-fest so sweetly.

Kels said...

ha. this is going to be the best amberfest ever. i can't wait until tomorrow. . . hehehe.

Scott & Katie said...

i love everything about this post!