Monday, September 28, 2009

my little crafter

I hope that Quinn gets my love of crafting. Judging by today, I have nothing to worry about.
my mother-in-law gave me a laminator for my birthday (a little early, don't worry you haven't all forgotten my birthday), so today Quinn and I were making some flash-cards to laminate.

Then--later today I got my box of Amber-fest presets from my sister, and in it was a craft project for Quinn to do. This is what we made:(she has two more picture frames to make, but i only let her do one postpone some of the fun-ness)

She was having so much fun with the Elmers glue, that I let her do some more while I was making dinner...

she was in heaven. but she also needed pretty constant attention...she thinks she needs a LOT of glue on everything.

her masterpiece.

my kids....playing a duet. they are practicing up so they can be in a band with their dad. watch out shane and are about to be replaced.

and i just thought this picture was funny....a little sneer from hendrix. i think he might be teething. it's about time, right??? i'm beginning to worry he doesn't have any in there.


Scott & Katie said...

okay i love everything about this post too!

Julie said...

Now really, did Quinn do that picture frame all by herself? I think not. . .:)