Friday, September 04, 2009

ride of his life

my sweet husband took a break from his busy day to give his bored wife something to do. we went to the park during his lunch and had a picnic...I know...very unoriginal, anyone have any better ideas of what to do?? i've been stumped.
despite it being something that we've done a million times lately, we had a blast....and, or course, I remembered my camera!

Quinn licking the tuna fish off her sandwich.

happy little man..or should I say men

I took this right as we were leaving...I believe she was telling me something like: "not just one more time, mom."

FOUR pictures of Hendrix swinging. I have more....ha. he was just being so cute that I couldn't help myself and kept taking more pictures even though I had already gotten a bunch of him smiling.

ha...he was seriously having so much fun. we couldn't even talk Quinn into sitting in the swing today. what different children i have!! he loved it though--the ride of his life, so far. :)

hendrix in his new shirt


Mom said...

Love that new "X" shirt! That is a great park. Quinn looks like a little princess in her pink ballerina skirt.

Chris Keller said...

OH, I am sad we missed that day at the park! I just couldn't pass up my time to myself at home. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the pics of Hendrix swinging!!! Isn't it just so neat when they discover new things that just thrill them?! Sar