Friday, May 13, 2011

10 things i love about hendrix:

I hesitated to publish this post on a friday since i get way fewer comments on the weekend. but maybe you guys can prove me wrong :) plus since blogger has been down i've gotten a couple phone calls about my lack of posting.

10 things i love about Hendrix:

1. His teeth. they are a little crazy from his finger-sucking. Yet the craziness makes them all the more endearing. Sometimes I think he has a little lisp from his teeth being the way they are. Also the cutest thing ever.

2. How he looks in his converse. Actually-- i think almost everyone looks pretty cool in a pair of converse, but hendrix looks especually cool.

3. His knock-knock jokes. He just makes them up, and they are always a combination of: trucks, monster trucks, motorcycles. and spiders.
knock knock
who's there?
spider who?
spider, trucks, monster trucks!!!

4. Watching him eat cereal with milk. i'm not sure why it's so cute... but man. it's the best

5. The way he says "Vroom, vroom, vroom" with so much enthusiasm. He even shakes his head as he says it.

6. The way he copies Quinn. I know the second child always looks up to ther big brother or sister, but it's awesome to witness it every day. And i'm awfully grateful he's imitating her instead of someone naughty. Quinn is so GOOD.

7. His hair. Did ya'll know thar he has a white spot? I don't know if i've ever pointed it out on the blog or not. He has a white patch birthmark on the side of his head (I obviously likes chunks of color in hair). i don't know how he got so lucky.

8. His love of all things locomotive. His eyes light up with wonder when we are stopped by a train (we live by railroad tracks). Anytime any sort of package or present is around, he's CERTAIN that it's a car or truck for him. I always feel kinda bad when it's not. He lines up cars and trucks all day. yesterday he had 8 micro-machines lined up on the end table. I came over to see what he was doing snd he said: "I love these guys."

9. His belly laugh. There's nothing better than when he bursts into laughter.

10. Putting him to sleep. He's getting so big, but he still lets me hold him like a baby and sing him songs. And he just sweetly watches me sing. I love it. I could think of many more reasons that I love my little guy. I feel pretty lucky to be his mom.


Dave said...

great post mommy. man, i love that little dude too. i don't know how he got so cute and hilarious, but i'm hypothesizing the cute = you and the hilarious = me. although at his rate, he's going to outdo my hilariousnessity within the year.

seriously my favorite boy ever.

Lindsay said...

he's really cute and i think i've told you this probably a million times, but you never get tired of hearing it, right?? this post was sweet. i loved peeking into the life of hendrix.

Kelli said...

He is such a little stud man. And you're a fab mommy!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

what a cute little guy! i love that all of your kids have converse shoes!!!

Mom said...

What a wonderful 2 year old you have! There is nothing more precious than all the cute little things he says and does. What a sweet little guy!

kelsey said...

I love the white spot in the hair. So cool. Also, who is teaching this kid knock-knock jokes? AMAZING. He is so adorable.