Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day weekend

we traveled to Blackfoot for the weekend. Here are some pictures of what we did.

Here are the kiddos on the way down. Using their neck pillows to be dinosaurs. The kids were really good on the way there-- Hendrix took a nap, and other than 10 minutes of crying from Veda (just long enough to find an exit to pull off, but then she fell asleep) she slept the whole way after that!

all of Dave's siblings were there this weekend, so we took a big family picture. We were out in this big field of cows-- it was a beautiful spot, we just had to watch every step for cow poo. Here's Hendrix playing in the rocks after we were done.

Here are me and Veda after the photo shoot. I was unsure if her cute outfit was in the pictures since it was a little too cold and windy for a newborn. we had to in a blanket that we would throw off for some pictures but not others... so we'll see. but she looked cute :)

the boys all playing while were waiting for the immediate family to get some pictures done. There were 13 grandkids there-- and guess who the 3 uncooperative crying kids were during pictures??? MINE. I'm so lucky :)

hemdrix spent the weekend still fighting his ear infection. him falling asleep like this is rare. (but so cute). he didn't sleep very well at night at grandma's house, which made him even more sleepy (me too) :)

veda had her share of naps too. watching me pack is exhausting

grandma and grandpa keller had lots of trucks for hendrix to play with

and there were lots of cousins around to make faces at the baby

no explanation for this one :)

my two awesome sister-in-laws. they have babies too!! and girls! sarah on the left with grace who is 13 (??) months old. teri in the middle with lola who is 7 months old. and me with veda at 3 months old. apparently us keller wives can produce some darling chubby baby girls

lola (in the middle) is a super cute baby. she has FIVE big brothers who love her-- it's so cute to watch them with her!

we decided to leave to drive home around bed time so the kids would sleep. did it work? nope. hendrix didn't sleep AT ALL, which meant he got to bed at 11 last night. needless to say that he's a mess today. quinn fell asleep around 10, and we stopped once to nurse Veda, and she cried the last 40 minutes or so. not super fun.

we saw our good friends paul and leslie too... but i couldn't find my camera, so I'll need to get pictures from dave's phone.


Leslie said...

We left last night from Boise around 9:30, decided it wasn't worth it spending the night again and just to head out. We totally passed each other. Paul drank a little "5 hour energy" to stay away. It worked thankfully. Sorry your kids were stinkers driving home. Good to see you guys for a little bit though!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

sorry the drive home was so painful! hopefully you stayed home from church today and got a little rest :)

Lindsay said...

you dress your kids soo cute. i loved hendrix's outfit for your family photo. cute cute cute.

Mom said...

I love that sister-in-laws and baby girls photo. Also, Hendrix (sleeping) has such wonderful eyelashes. Cute imaginations to pretend to be dinosaurs with those neck pillows. Sorry you had some challenges with traveling with little ones. I did enjoy seeing the pictures of your weekend.