Monday, May 16, 2011

10 things I love about Quinn

1. The love she has for her brother and sister. She LOVES Veda. She is constantly loving her. If there is even a drop of spit up, Quinn runs to get a burp rag and carefully wipes her face. If Veda ever cries, she hugs her and puts a blanket on her and tells me to help her stop crying.
And even though she is capable of saying "Hendrix," she usually says "Henks," just to make it faster? But it's cute. She's always on the lookout for trucks or buldozers, just so she can say something like "Hey Henks!! I see something you would like!! Look over there, there's a truck!"

2. Her imagination. She is always pretending to be a cat, or making up a game, or songs.

3. Her timidness. I am SO thankful that she's kinda shy. I never have to worry about her wandering away from me in public-- she would NEVER. She always holds onto the stroller or the cart. She won't talk to strangers-- she won't talk to people we know either :) She has never been a daredevil, and so I don't need to worry about her doing something stupid.

4. She is a super good helper. She will clean up the entire bonus room for me. (plus do a better job than me). She loves to do dishes and help me put laundry away. And occasionally she will still say things like "Don't worry mom, I'll clean up for you since you just had a baby."

5. Her teeny-tiny-nesss. She came out small, and is still small. I love that she is such a little peanut.

6. Her love of books. She loves to read books. And now loves to read books with Hendrix too. that must be why she's so smart :)

7. Quinn is a really good girl. She is quick to apologize if she's done something wrong-- and honestly tries really hard to not do anything wrong in the first place. if there is a rule, she follows it. i know i'm lucky.

8. She's cute.

9. She thrives on routine. thank heavens for this-- since I do too. I'm a little worried about when she can tell time. She might end up worse than me.

10. Her love of craftiness. She loves to paint, color, make a necklace, or even just glue something to a piece of paper. I love the moments that we share sitting at the kitchen table together making something. And here she is today-- finger-painting her hand.


kelsey said...

I just started crying! I love that little girl, and I'm completely missing her grow up. This is terrible. I must come visit, asap.

Henks. . . classic.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

she's so cute! looks like your twin!!! know 25 years younger! :)

i love that you are featuring each of your kids in a blog post. what a great idea! that will be fun to look back on 5 years from now with them!

Mom said...

I love a million things about that cute little peanut! She really is so sweet and cute. Good post. I love seeing newborn pictures of how tiny she was.

Lindsay said...

i love that you're doing this. she's definitely a cutie. i love getting to know them a little bit better. what a sweet girl you have. she's so GOOD.

Kelli said...

So sweet. She's beautiful, obviously. I wouldn't know what it's like to have a little girl that doesn't want to run away from you in public (in a fun way, not a kidnapped way). Maybe next time, right?

Lindsey said...

I love these, too! Do you repeat these things to yourself when your kids are sick or having meltdowns? "I love my kids, I love my kids..."

I like how I feel like I know your little cuties even though I've never actually met them.