Tuesday, May 31, 2011

veda: 3 months

Veda is three months old!! Time is sure flying by. I am trying my hardest to enjoy every moment of her. It's easy to enjoy-- she is pretty great. Here's what she's up to:
*Nursing. Still a great nurser. She now nurses about every 3 hours-- but can go 5 if she's taking a good nap.
*Sleeping. She naps pretty well. She is starting to fight sleep a little, which isn't that fun, but it's still manageable. She naps every hour and half to two hours-- so still lots of naps!
*night sleep. She is doing pretty well. Some nights she sleeps from 10 until 5 or 6. Sometimes she wakes up about 3 am for a feeding. Not too bad!!! It could be worse (ie.. my other kids) :)
*Rolling. She rolled a LOT from her tummy to back in one day-- and the next day she rolled from her back to tummy-- and hasn't done either since then. she is starting to hang out on her side more, so I think that she's thinking about getting around more.
*Tummy time. She likes tummy time a lot now.
*Smiles. She is a happy girl! She will smile at anyone if they talk to her-- it's super cute.

I'm sure when I blink she'll be a year old. I'll try not to blink :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

she is seriously the cutest!!! i can't believe she is 3 months and i still haven't met her!!!! i am such a bad friend :(

and am, you seriously look SO good! you have a 3 month old and you can't even tell you were ever pregnant! how do you DO IT!!? :)

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

It's hard to believe she is 3 months already.....it sure does fly by. Cute pic of the two of you :-)

Mom said...

What a wonderful baby you have! Happy three months Veda! (Give her a big kiss from Grandma).