Thursday, May 26, 2011

preschool graduation

how did this happen??? okay, so she's not really 'graduating,' but they had a celebration today. She does have one more year of preschool after all. Here's my big girl as I dropped her off this morning.

then the parents came back early for the 'celebration.' Mrs. Hammer turned on music and the kids walked out and did a little march to find their seats. They had on cute little graduation hats. And yes- I cried.

they sang some cute songs they learned this year, and each talked about a letter. Quinn talked about 'F.' Then Mrs. Hammer gave them all a photo book from the year and said nice things about all the kids. She said that Quinn had come a long way over the year. She is super shy and will now 'talk to everyone in the class.' She also said that Quinn was really smart (of course...), and was good at her letters. woo hoo... I'm sure proud of her.

here's Quinn with Mrs. Hammer. What a great teacher she had. She was so sweet and kind and patient with my little girl. Quinn is still really shy, but I was too as a child-- and I still am. Plus Dave is really quiet around people, so I blame us :)

The sweet of innocence of a four year old:
after we got home today, Quinn kind of snickered a little bit and said "Ethan's dad's name is Naked."
I laughed... and said, "His name is probably Nathan."

Quinn: "Hmm... maybe."


kelsey said...

Oh Naked. I am still laughing. Ah, kids are fabulous.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

she's so cute! when did she get so big!!! seriously! preschool grad! wow!

i like the name joke at the end! how funny!!!

Kelli said...

Bah! I always comment after Kelsey... well I ditto her.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

What a cute preschooler :-)

Mom again said...

I love how she adds a tutu to every outfit! Congratulations to Quinn for completing her first year of preschool. Cute how they marched out in those graduation hats. "Naked"- that is funny...