Sunday, May 22, 2011


I had a few pictures lately that I hadn't included in a post. So here's a few randoms from the past week or two.

Veda looks SO much like Hendrix sometimes. I wish I was on my computer so I could find a picture of Hendrix... but I'm on the lap top. I'll try and find one later to compare.

the kids being cute together. Do you love Quinn's pile of apple peels?? ha. She will also leave little piles of grape peels too (not on the carpet, thank goodness). Dave blames me completely. yes... I peeled her fruit for way too long. :)

hendrix trying out the excersauer

veda trying it out.

i made some new headbands too

here are the girls in the same dress. about the same age actually- the dress just fits them differently :)


The Smiths said...

so cute! I love seeing your kids and the cute pictures. Question: What do you use for the headband? It looks like a really nice elastic.

Mom said...

Those sisters don't resemble each other. I sure love those darling children!

mom said...

No idea on the baby poo stains but Zout does work better than Spray and Wash. I'm big into bleach too. I get potassium stains on my white work shirts and do the Zout and bleach twice.