Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 things I love about Veda.

you guessed it... here's 10 things I love about my sweet miss Veda (this is the last one, I swear)

1.Her smile. She's at the fun age where all you have to do is start talking to her and her face will light up with big smiles. It's great.

2. She is good in the car. An angel, actually. After having a baby who HATED the car, I will never take for granted what it's like to have a baby that's awesome in the car!! She has cried maybe three times ever in the car. (granted she's only been alive for two and a half months... but still)

3. Her pleasant tummy. She rarely has gas or spits up.

4. Her blue eyes.

5. That she's a baby. I love having an independent 4 year old, and it's fun having a silly two year old, but MAN DO I LOVE BABIES!!! I love how they smell, and how sweet they are, and their cute little clothes. Nothing better than a baby.

6. Her sleep. She is working on becoming a fantastic sleeper. One of these days she'll get even more consistent... And it's gonna be great. But until then, I'm grateful that she's as good as she is. She isn't a baby who can just fall asleep unasisted- but do those exist? (maybe I don't want to know if they do...). But she is still relatively easy to get to sleep--right dave? ;)

7. She's a good nurser. I had some hard nursing issues with both my other kids, but not Veda! She came out ready to nurse, latched on right away, and nurses like a pro. I'm a little sad that she won't take a binkie, but no one's perfect :)

8. Her smooth head. It certainly wasn't easy (or cheap) to get her the beautifully shaped head she has now, but it was worth it!! Before I had Veda, I would joke that I was going to have a bald, fat baby (not thinking that I actually would). And since she's definitely my baldest child, I'm glad she at least doesn't have a lumpy head.

9. Evenings together. With my other kids, I was back to cutting hair in the evenings by the time they were 6 weeks old. Not so with Veda. And I have enjoyed every minute. It's been so nice to not stress about her falling asleep, or nursing at a certain time, or being happy for Dave for two hours while did an appointment. I am such a crazy scheduler when my kids get older, that it's been nice to just let her be an inconsistent newborn. I love that Dave and I can just hang out and play with her on the floor without the other kids around. And maybe in another month I'll start back to work :)

10. How cute she looks in headbands. After she was born and I realized she looked so cute in a headband, I started putting one on her every day. Dave thought I was a little silly at first, but I think he's come around.

We all love our sweet, sweet baby Veda.

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Mom said...

There are a million things I love about sweet Baby Veda! Very sweet post!