Sunday, August 07, 2011

aerial tram

we took an aerial tram. it was fun-- and very high up.
at the top they had a terrace that we hung out on for a while.

this is from the tram

the terrace had this turtle

self portrait-- waiting for the tram

my cute and awesome parents

checking out the city. have i mentioned how great Portland is??

the whole gang. maybe the only picture with ALL of us.

self portrait with my hot husband and bebe

me and julie--and a corner of V

daine and his beautiful wife, Amanda


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

it looks like you are having such a fun time! i can't wait to see more photos!!

Mom said...

Wasn't the view incredible? Great smooth ride too. The kids had fun running around on that terrace. I'll send you my pictures of the whole gang up there too.

kelsey said...

Love the wrap in all your pictures. And all the self-portraits.