Tuesday, August 23, 2011

veda again

see her little lips? she does this face all the time. she basically hangs out with her lips pursed like this all day.

i think she's pretty close to crawling too. i know she's not up on all fours in this picture, but she is a lot lately.

she also hangs out on her side a lot lately too. she's ready to be sitting on her own, but can't yet. so this is her compromise :) and i swear she still wears headbands 90% of the time. i've just been too sick to care if she has one on or not

and the boys


Mom said...

I,m sorry you,ve been sick. I,m happy to see those cute babies and wearing their homemade pj,s .

Mom again said...

Veda is SO blonde and has such big blue eyes!