Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freezer paper shirts!

i love Pinterest. I knew my friend was coming over today to make some freezer paper stencils shirts. so I did a few searches, and came up with a handful of ideas for shirts.

I made this one for Hendrix, after seeing this.

this one's for hendrix too

this one too...

this one's for daver

i saw this on Pinterest. i'm such a copier. but it'll be cute on Veda :)

i also made quinn a sea horse shirt-- i don't know how i managed to not snap a picture of it. how did i make 6 shirts with kids around? i used my Silhouette-- and sent the kids outside :)

and it helps that I have a super sweet baby too.


kelsey said...

Veda is getting SO blonde! I love it. I want to come make shirts! Stop doing fun things without me. . .

Heather said...

All of these turned out so dang cute!!! Love them.

Mom said...

What cute shirts! You're my creative genius Am!