Sunday, August 07, 2011

Oregon Coast

When we were telling people that we were going to Portland on vacation-- almost everyone asked "oh-- are you staying on the coast?" I guess that's kinda the thing to do. but nope-- my urban family decided that we wanted to see the coast, but that we'd have more fun staying in the city- doing 'city' things. and after a day at the coast-- I was reassured that it was the right decision. The coast was beautiful, but after a couple hours on a cold beach- it was enough. We lived in L.A... so that's the kind of beach I'd want to spend a week on-- not Oregon. We went early in the morning so we could see low tide. It was really cool to see-- and really beautiful.

the kids played in the water

and hendrix fell in the water. a couple times.

see haystack rock WAY down the beach? we decided to hoof it down there. it was really far. like really, really far.

hendrix walked or ran the whole way. plus a few stops along the way to clean the sand off his feet

quinn pranced the whole way. stopping to draw in the sand. but got tired 3/4 of the way to Haystack and someone carried her the rest of the way. it was REALLY far.

we finished the morning with pizza and salt water taffy. its was a great day!!

haha... quinn ducked out the picture I was taking of the pizza place. I got her anyway :)


Mom said...

great pics of the coast/beach Am! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures with us. That was so fun (but cold).

kelsey said...

It looks chilly! Ha. I would love it though. I'm dying to see water. . . and swim! Although you are right, California beaches seem more inviting right now!

Emily said...

We stop and eat Pizza here often when we go to the coast too! I love seeing your pictures of places I've grown up going to! If I would have known, I would have had you grab my van floor mat! last time we were there, I stopped at a yard sale and bought a box of canning jars. Trav was rearranging the van and put the floor mat on the top and we drove off! We didn't even realize it until we were back in Seattle! I miss that floor mat EVERY single day!
so glad you had fun!