Friday, August 26, 2011

favorites of quinn

it was funny how quinn was the kid who didn't want to cooperate. i could see hendrix deciding to be a stubborn two year old and not wanting to be good-- or even veda just getting too tired to smile-- but it was QUINN who was the stinker. we didn't get any shots of her at the first location-- which stinks because it was so cute. but at least she warmed up by the time we got to the second spot.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i think i forgot to comment on your family photos post. and can i just say oh my gosh what a beautiful family!!!! seriously!!!! i am in LOVE with how your photos turned out! they are perfect!!!!... just like you, am :)

quinn's little outfit is so cute and i love the umbrella picture! what a doll!

kelsey said...

I think the serious one with her cross-legged is my favorite. I just love serious shots for some reason, they are so cute.

Mom said...

What a doll! I couldn't choose one if I had to.