Friday, August 12, 2011

Quinn's been bored

Quinn is READY for preschool to start back up. Especially since we've been home from vacation-- she's bored!! A couple times this week she has started crying and said "I just want to do something fun." I'm not about totally entertaining my kids all day-- I believe it's something they need to learn on their own. Find a toy- find a book-- color! But I was having sympathy since I know that she is often more neglected than the younger kids. So I came up with a few fun things for her to do yesterday when the other kids were sleeping.

we made cookies. Maybe more for my sake than hers :)

we made oatmeal coconut cookies.
She decided after i made them that she wanted a cookie that DIDN'T have coconut in it. But every cookie I've handed her, she has eaten.

my friend Kelsey did this milk/food coloring thing with her little girl. So we tried it too. it was awesome!!! milk in a plate, a few drops of food coloring, then dip a toothpick in dish soap. then touch the food coloring with the toothpick. do it-- trust me. it's quick- so maybe with tiny kids with short attention spans :)

then we did a color scavenger hunt outside.

it's a good thing we did water balloons for family home evening this week-- otherwise i don't think she would have found anything pink, purple, or yellow in our yard.

i think she had fun. Today might be a rude awakening-- she might be bored again :)


kelsey said...

I love her happy face doing the milk colors! I'm totally doing the color scavenger hunt--- excellent idea.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

what cute ideas!!! you are such a good momma!!!

Kelli said...

It is hard to think of things to do. You planned a lot of stuff during one nap time. Props!

Mom said...

Do I have to come over there and entertain Quinn? I don't want her to get too bored! You really had some great ideas.