Wednesday, August 31, 2011

veda's half birthday

Guess who is turning six months old??!! okay, so it's tomorrow. but I consider myself to be quite punctual-- so we celebrated today. And yes- with a party. maybe some of you remember the past half-birthdays at our house? They are all celebrated in the same manner, and are just an excuse for this cake-loving-lady to eat cake. Quinn's half birthday party.

hendrix's half birthday party.
And here's Lou's cake
no, Veda didn't get any. Do you think I'm crazy?
she looks huge in this picture. Where has my baby gone? oh yeah.. she's six months old :)
the lighting was good today so I got about a dozen darling pictures of her. If you recognize this same shirt and headband in lots of pictures lately, don't be surprised. veda did get to enjoy some sweet potatoes instead of cake.
and she liked it
oh yeah.... one more for good measure.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

haha! i love how you taken a picture of yourself with the cake for all of your kids!!! you're so funny!!

do you have a cake pan that shape??? or do you just make a whole cake and cut it in 1/2?

i LOVE the 1/2 birthday idea!!! what a good momma!

Mom said...

Happy 6 months Veda!! Enjoy that cake Amber! It's a very pretty cake.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Happy 6 months to Veda...that is torture to make her a cake and she can't have any!

kelsey said...

oh half-birthdays! I feel so privileged to have been at the first one!

Julie said...

Ha! I LOVE the pic of V's crazy half smile with her tongue hanging out!