Friday, August 19, 2011


yes-- Veda did ACTUALLY turn 5 months old-- I just didn't post about it because we were on vacation. Even though I missed the 5 month date, Veda is pretty awesome, so here is a post just for my special little baby girl.

We've kind of started with solids. What in the world did I do without a baby food grinder with my other kids??!! I wouldn't have needed one for quinn since she refused anything mushed up anyway. And I remember when Hendrix got about this old, my mom and I went out searching for a grinder and couldn't find one. So I used my blender... what a pain. I ended up buying a lot of food to supplement what I was making him because it was too labor intensive. And now I have a baby food grinder-- and it's the best thing ever. I didn't start Veda on the traditional rice cereal-- because one day Veda seemed all of a sudden ready to eat (I have been in no rush.. I basically wait until 6 months). But she seemed ready, so I mushed up a pear-- and she liked it. Even though she's a new eater, she barely spits anything out. She's amazing. So she's tried pears, oatmeal, and bananas.

She's sleeping ok. Still learning to take long naps... she wants to wake up after a half hour. But she's getting there. And generally wakes up once or twice at night. so not awesome, but okay. And it's almost okay when she wakes up, because she's my last baby and I get to snuggle her under a cozy blanket and if the other kids wake up, they don't know where I am :)

She is scooting like crazy!! i realize that now she is almost 6 months old-- but she can get around! she is up on all fours a lot now, it's super cute. She just hangs out on all fours-- and one of these days, she's gonna take off. Until then, she scoots and rolls to get where she wants to go.

She is cute and smiley and happy. People always comment on how happy she is (probably because she is smiling at them). They ask me if she is always that happy... and yes, she generally is.

She's beautiful and sweet and I love her more than words. Happy 5 3/4 months Vedy girl.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awwww! she is SO cute! beautiful, beautiful baby!!! i can't believe she is 6 mos already!!

Mom said...

I agree. She IS sweet and beautiful and I love her to pieces! Can't wait to see her again in 6 weeks (but who's counting?).