Monday, August 08, 2011


I love to shop. Plus, this time I got to shop with my two favorite ladies:

we left daniel and jonathan at the rental to entertain Q and X-- and the rest of us went to an outlet mall. it was a super awesome outlet.

we ate some yummy lunch (and ice cream)

look!! a picture of me that i didn't take myself :)

and I had lots of help holding the baby so I could shop :) i got spoiled by my parents with new running shoes and a watch!! woo hoo.

and this is my mom and i at IKEA. we had an afternoon with just us (and Veda, of course) ((thanks dad for watching the kiddos))

we also shopped while downtown-- Powells book store, Finnegans toy store, Posh baby. There is awesome shopping in Portland. If only it weren't so far away!

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Mom said...

I do love to shop!