Sunday, August 07, 2011

Japanese Gardens

we went to a Japanese Garden in Portland. It was really cool. It was beautiful and peaceful-- and makes me want to have a Japanese garden for my yard :)

here's me and the hubs (And sweet Veda. As I'm sure that you'll see by these vacation pictures, Veda LIVED in the moby wrap. she was such a trooper. She took lots of naps in it. She really couldn't have been much better on the whole trip. And I honestly wouldn't have survived it without my wrap.)

before we started walking through the garden, I sat down on this bench to nurse Veda. After I started, I realized that it was where you were supposed to sit and wait if you were taking a tour-- which meant that more people started congregating around where I was nursing. oops. But when I was done, a sweet little old man asked if he could take a picture of me and my baby. well sure. and his even sweeter wife who was sitting by me, pulled up Veda's skirt a little so that her chubby legs would be in the picture, because she thought they were just so cute.

so pretty... the tree and the girl

we went to the gardens with one of Fritz's friends and his family. (that's who that guy and kids are). He had a super cute wife-- but I think she was with me while this picture was taken-- at a different part of the garden.

it was hard to get EVERYONE in pictures-- so here's most of us-- minus julie and her family.

my sister's cute family.


Mom said...

Wasn't that Japanese garden GORGEOUS? I really enjoyed it's beauty and peacefulness. Cute pics.

kelsey said...

Ha. I love that you chose the place where everyone congregated to nurse! Good times. Also, those are pretty cute chubby legs. . . and yes, I'm commenting on every post.