Sunday, August 07, 2011

miss me?

wowee.... did you all miss me? I haven't blogged in forever. we're back!!! We just got back from spending a week in Portland with my whole family. it was a blast. I have over 400 pictures from the week- so I'll be doing some blogging. It's great to be home in our own beds-- and separate rooms. Hendrix and Veda spent a lot of time this past week waking each other up from sleep.
We LOVED Portland- and filled the week with lots of chasing Hendrix

Lots of this little angel being perfect and sweet and sleeping and being dragged all over and not caring.

Lots of self portraits of me. I laughed when I looked through the pics and saw how many pictures I took of myself.

Lots of the older kids being cranky and sad.

and lots of group shots of people missing... Amanda-- is that you behind my mom?? :)

I'm a little sad looking at these pictures. It was so fun, and vacation is always over so fast. It had been a while since we had ALL been together, and who knows how long until we are all together again. And Portland was awesome-- Dave and I were surprised by how sad it was to come home. Boise is not pretty compared to Portland!! But we're home-- and I'm going to spend some time doing laundry, getting kids back on schedule, and blogging. :)


Sarah Keller said...

Yea! You're back! I can't wait to see more pictures. I am glad you had a good time. Oregon is a lot of fun! Missed you guys.

Mom said...

Cannon beach was incredible and worth the ride (even with crying children on the way home). That was my first experience with the west coast. Looked so different from the Michigan beaches. And the pizza and candy were so yummy too!

kelsey said...

I had to click "older posts" to see everything! sheesh. It all looks amazing.