Wednesday, June 01, 2011

heat transfer

with my silhouette, i can cut out heat transfer vinyl. it's so fun. it's like the faster/easier way to freezer paper! the machine cuts it out, and you just iron it on. so fun. here are some things i've made:

a shirt for quinn:

a blanket for Veda:

shirt for x:

yes-- that's a big pile of laundry in the background. i should really stage my pictures better :) (or just keep up with my laundry better)

a backpack for x:

i also made that darth shirt for Veda this way. and if next time you see my kids, they have vinyl ironed ALL over their clothes, don't be surprised. :)


kelsey said...

that little green taxi shirt is the cutest thing ever. you are having way too much fun. super jealous of all your creations, as usual.

Mom said...

Wow! Those items are SO cute! Is that blue one a pillow case? Does it come off in the wash or stay on forever? Wouldn't mind doing something this fall to give it a try when I come over for Amberfest.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love hendrix's shirt!!! that is SO cute!!!!! i wish i could be as crafty as you!!!! your kids are so lucky! do you think you will make quinn and veda's prom dresses when they get older?