Friday, June 01, 2012

Art for Hendrix

I finally MADE something!! It's been a while! This is some art for the wall in Hendrix's room.

I tried water colors this time. They are so fun!!! Maybe some more water color paintings to come in my future

 whoops... here's a Veda. Ha... love her.
 And here it is with the vinyl peeled off. I didn't take picture of it up in his room- but the video kinda shows it. But maybe I'll take some better pictures of his whole room since it's almost all done.
I do turn on the light in the middle of this video. sorry... 


Mom said...

I love your guitar painting! And that baby with her wrinkled up nose!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the wall hanging! so cute!!! and what a cute chair in his room too! i really want to come to tx and see your cute house!
looks like the kiddos are enjoying the tile floor! how fun that veda can ride her scooter around INSIDE the house!
miss you!

kelsey said...

cute. make me one. if I ever have a boy.

Lindsey said...

I like how you said you "tried" watercolors. Looks pretty professional to me! You are so creative!

Julie said...

You're amazing Am!