Friday, June 15, 2012

date deets

Dave and I had our date this morning. This was the first time I have left Veda with anyone other than Dave really, so I was a little worried. And I did find out that she BIT my friend's baby. Ugh... why do I have a biter? But other than that she did awesome ;) And my friend was sweet about it. In fact, she is just super sweet. I don't know that I've met anyone that is as nice to their kids as she is to hers , It's inspiring. (I talked about her HERE) So she is why I felt good about leaving our kids for a day time date-- Dave and I have ALWAYS gone out after the kiddos are in bed because of my freak of nature nature of being the mom that I am. ha... 

So we started our date just by driving downtown Austin. Dave has been there a lot just for work and concerts, but I haven't had the chance yet. So we drove downtown and stopped for donuts. 
Then we went to Zilker Park and saw Barton Springs. (Barton Springs is behind us in the photo). It's a natural spring that people swim in. It's kinda crazy. It's like a pool, but it's not. It's kinda a 'thing' here so I wanted to see it. 

There is a big river/lake that goes through downtown that you can rent kayaks and canoes. And being the spontaneous crazies that we are and since I was wearing sparkly earrings, it seemed like the right thing to do.
It was really fun. A little tricky to get into the canoe since I'm SUPER coordinated, but I managed to only get one foot wet. And check out the view of the city!

Plus we saw probably 100 turtles in the river. It was super fun. 
I hope we can go on dates a little more consistently now that we are more settled and I have a friend who I'm sure is dying to watch my kids all the time :)


kelsey said...

FUN! A day date. . . what a novel idea! lol. I think we've been on one . . . maybe? Looks awesome. I'm so glad you've found someone you trust to watch your kids, and can't really believe you left Veda! Progress, I love it.

Mom said...

The sparkly earrings was a great reason to go canoeing! Sounds like such a fun date.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i am so glad you got a fun date! you guys deserved it after the crazy move!!
i am so glad you found someone you REALLY trust to watch your kiddos. it makes all the difference of how much you can enjoy your time out!

p.s. you were the "i don't know anyone that is as nice to their kids as she is" friend that i had in boise! too bad you lived in kuna so far away for a quick date for shawn and me! but, seriously amber YOU are an inspiring momma to me! love you lots!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to steal a few of your summer ideas. :) We had homemade gak on ours too.

When your kids get older you'll have to try glow in the dark bowling. That is one I'm excited to try. :)

The canoeing is my kind of date. Glad you had fun with it.