Friday, June 15, 2012

playing at the mall

We live right by this awesome outlet mall. There is this little place to play in the middle of the mall that I haven't ever let my kids play at. Yesterday they needed some convincing to go to the mall, so I told them we could play. 

Quinn has been carrying Veda lately. It's the cutest thing ever. They also hug all the time. It's the best.

I'm glad my kids are kinda easy to please. This 'play place' was just 4 of these machines you sit in and put money in to make them move. My kids probably don't even realize that they move since I never put money in them. But they were sure happy that we finally stopped to play. :)

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Mom said...

Look how Quinn and Veda are starting to resemble each other more (picture 1). That's so cute how tiny little Quinn is carrying Veda, but a little scarey too.