Monday, June 04, 2012


A big reason why we picked the house we are in now is because it is down the street from the neighborhood pool. Except right after we moved in they tore the whole thing out to re-do it. Sad. There are two pools in our neighborhood so we've been able to go to the other one. But the good news is that the one by our house is now done!! Woo hoo!! So now we can just walk on down to the pool. 
The other fantastic thing is that they have this zero-entry little kiddie pool. It's about 1.5 feet deep. And perfect for my three non-swimmers. We spent a long time there today with some friends. It was a perfect Texas morning at the pool.
 Is there anything better than a baby in a swim suit?

 Happy summer!!!


Mom said...

Hooray for the pool opening and how close it is to your house!!! Cute pictures of my sweet grand-daughters. Happy Summer to you Texans!

T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Such cute kids!!! And so amazing and lucky to be so close to a pool! Hope the rest of your summer is this great!