Monday, June 25, 2012


Sweet baby Veda. 
She is loving books right now. She'll grab one and sit on my lap (or Quinn's lap, or Dave's). 
She is a waver right now. Waves at anyone or anything.
Loves strangers. Will sit by anyone at the pool- if she knows them or not. Just walks right up and takes a seat.
She might be ready to go to one nap a day. Such a hard adjustment.
Is super excited by birds, dogs, bugs, and her daddy.
She had her first braid yesterday. Hopefully the first of many. She's been a stinker about pulling her hair out lately.
But you put her by another baby that is about her age. And the fire comes out.
She wants to ring this doorbell.
(no- I didn't let Veda bite her)
But oops- she got a little push in
 Just look at the fury in those darlingly beautiful blue eyes :)


Lindsay said...

seriously? she is so stinkin' cute even with all that fury in her eyes. I so wish she and cailin could play. cailin would let her ring the doorbell all she wanted.

Mom said...

Oh I miss that darling baby SO much! She is beautiful!

Chris Keller said...

That is about the cutest string of pictures that I have ever seen! She is adorable in her fury!

kelsey said...

I have that shirt you're wearing! Except mine shrunk and I'm ticked.

Veda is hilarious. I love it, and love that you don't try and hide that she has her moments, just like every other child!

Julie said...

Wow! I didn't know Veda had that in her! I guess her inner demons didn't come out when I got to see you guys in Michigan! :)