Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the 'office' and Veda talking

We're still decorating this place. We've been working on Dave's little corner of the house. This is looking into his office. His computer is on the desk on the left. The other desk is there for me to use for sewing or when someone from Dave's company comes over to work for the day. 

This book shelf is what I worked on today. It's just awful when I have an excuse to go to IKEA. 

 These are some pictures we put up in the 'play room.' I know... I'm blowing you away with this picture of pictures... but that middle picture just makes me so happy. :) (I would have taken a picture of the whole shelf to show you how great the pictures make the room look, but the toy shelves need some organizing attention)
Three things I love about this video
1. Veda's fake cry near the beginning
2. When she says "no" to saying "apple"
3. Hendrix's "you're so funny, baby!" at the end.


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you had your canvas made with addresses on it? and also were your gray couches from IKEA?

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh. that video is so incredibly cute. veda melts my heart. she's such a sweet girl. i love her no to saying apple too. made me laugh. wish we could get our little girlies together.