Wednesday, June 06, 2012

night by the lake

Last night our ward had a get together at a park. We went on time (okay-- maybe a little early). But it's because we had to get home to get the kids in bed. When we got there no one else was there. But the park was awesome, so the kids got to play then we sat by the lake and had some Oreos that we had brought to share with the ward. And I got to get some cute pictures of the kids :)

Hendrix has been collecting sticks lately. Every time we go to a park we come home with a handful of sticks that he's been collecting on our front porch. (he would bring them inside if I'd let him). Last night he found a great one. Nope- he didn't get to bring it home. But was sad this morning when I told him that we didn't have it.

 It was 7 pm and still pretty toasty outside. The kids got kinda hot and sweaty and rosy cheeked.
 Look at her pretty blue eyes. :)

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Mom said...

I don't blame Hendrix for being unhappy. that was a very cool branch- like half of a tree. veda makes me want an Oreo .