Monday, June 18, 2012

father's day, cleaning, HEB, and Veda

My kids have the best daddy ever. 
This was our fun Father's Day morning. We had coffee cake and presents and 'beef turkey' (that's what Hendrix calls beef jerky- Dave got some as a present)
 Despite this face he's making, the kids had a blast cleaning with me this morning.
 They happily cleaned my shower and the mirrors in both bathrooms for me. It was great :)
We then had a fun adventure at HEB (the grocery store). When kids come they give them 'buddy bucks' when you check out. Then you insert them into this machine that spins and you push that button. Then it gives you a sticker. It is cause for much excitement.
Plus we managed to get this awesome cart today. Steering wheels + flames = fun
I love this-- Quinn steering for Hendrix. Already a back seat driver :)
See this darling pitcher? You all need to go to Target and get one. I got it last week and it makes me happy. It was 3.99... and awesome. I want one in every color. We use it to water my flowers, every night at dinner, and today for an out-door tea party.

 Quinn sometimes gets out every toy we have. It's kinda cute to listen to her play.
 And could a post be complete without this darling baby?

Do you know what else makes me happy? That my talk is over. I had to speak in church on Sunday and I HATE to. It stresses me out like no other. So I'm feeling some serious relief that it's over and that hopefully I'm off the hook for a while.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i bet you did awesome on your talk!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

BUT i know what you mean! i think it is stressful for most people :)

Mom said...

Cute post, Am. Yes, Dave is a wonderful Daddy. The kids adore him. You can send the kids over to clean my house anytime. HEB sounds like such a fun grocery store! We won't tell Quinn's future hubby about the back seat driver tendencies.