Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There's an awesome girl in my ward who organizes little pre-school outings. Yesterday it was a field trip to the local grocery store (it's called HEB). Quinn looks excited, huh? And Hendrix was maybe less excited than her- see his crown and name tag hanging on the stroller? He wouldn't put them on.
 But Veda thought it was awesome!
I think they all ended up having a lot of fun. (Plus the goodie bags they got at the end kinda sealed the deal of the fun-factor).
 Ha-- at the end this grocery bag guy came out (he's the logo/mascot). I think it frightened a lot of the children. Hendrix keeps talking about the 'bad guy' that was at the store... talking about the big grocery bag :)


kelsey said...

Creeeeeeepy bag guy. I would be scared too.

Mom said...

Bag guy does sound a lot like bad guy. But it sounds better than bag lady.