Tuesday, June 12, 2012

big boy bed

So here is the 'big boy bed.' Thanks to my Idaho neighbor Hollie-- I got this gem for free :)
(and quite honestly this bed wasn't bad before the paint job. I just don't believe that the makers of this bed made it this color to match mom's decor ideas... they made it so little boys would like it. And I might regret the paint job if it all scrapes off right away. Although hopefully it won't because it's supposed to work on plastic)
 I used almost three cans of spray paint.
This is after one coat
 My hands that are also slate blue for a couple days
The room minus the crib. When Dave and I were taking down the crib, I tried to have a sentimental moment with Dave about how our baby boy is growing up and that it's sad. Dave didn't agree. He has been waiting for this milestone. So I got no sympathy from Dave. 
Moment of truth- I brought Hendrix out to the garage to see the bed all done. He did this:
 All the kids seem to think it's pretty awesome.
Here he is practicing. He is actually in there right now taking his nap. Big boy bed or not, he is still my baby boy :)
 (I was thinking to add some white vinyl to the bed. Any thoughts? white flames behind the wheels? a white stripe along that indent? or leave it as is?)


kelsey said...

I was just going to text you today to see how the big boy bed was going! It looks great, that's a good idea. I hope it doesn't flake off too, cause I've often thought the same thing - - - why are they such ugly colors? lol.

I love it. Love the thumbs up!

Mom said...

I say add the white flames or stripes. It really turned out nice!That's cute with Hendrix reaction of thumbs up!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

I love it! Great color choice!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

LOVE the color!!! how is he sleeping? add the white flames!

Sarah Keller said...

That is priceless! I guess he was ready, eh? Miss him.

Julie said...

Way cute Am! And I must admit I'm with Dave on this one--he's way overdue for a big boy bed! ;)