Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boots aren't just for snow

My kids love to go for walks. We end up going to the mail box and back sometimes three times a day. Just for fun. The other day Hendrix talked me into walking around the block. (It's hot, I tell you. I needed some convincing). But not too hot for snow boots!!
We met a cat on our walk. My poor pet-deprived children. They loved that cat. 
 Sweet baby sweating it out in the stroller :)

Hendrix is doing awesome with not sleeping in his crib. He never gets out without me. When he wakes up he just calls for me to come and get him. It's awesome.

Dave and I are going on a real-live date tomorrow!!! I only had to twist his arm all the way off... but we're going, and I'm excited. (It's not that he doesn't want to go out with me, he's just a busy guy- and it's a day-time date because that's when my babysitter can watch my kids).


Megan said...

Yeah date night! I was like you for many years. But now that I have found the best babysitter in the world we go out 3-4 times a month. It really helps us stay connected to each other. Have fun.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I am SUPER impressed w you!!

A) when it is like 90 here (NOT hot compared to your hot!) and jax asks to go play outside i tell him no, it's too hot... simply bc i don't want to go it in the heat! gosh you're making me feel like the worst mom ever!!

B) i am so proud of you that you already have a babysitter!! whaaaa?!? that's amazing! good for you!! i am proud of you - bc i know you are crazy like me when it comes to WHO watches your sweet babies :-)

have fun on your date! miss ya! XO

Mom said...

That's cute of Hendrix just strolling along looking at the cat (in his super power guy boots)!