Tuesday, June 05, 2012

forts, armor, cover-ups, and cupcakes

I don't know how I get so behind on blogging. Here are a bunch of pictures of the exciting life I lead ;)

We went to this splash pad. 
 And there was a little park right by it. Although by the time we played in the splash pad it was too hot to really play on the equipment.
 My mom painted these cute little wooden things for Quinn. So cute, huh?
 Look!! My kids can play so cutely together. I love Hendrix's face. Like I caught him playing with girl toys.
 Sometimes Hendrix puts on these snow boots. They are "Armor Boots" he says. (I almost tossed these before we moved. I'm glad I didn't. They give him much joy)
 LOTS of forts are made in our house. Lots.
 This is the whole family waiting in the front of the van for Veda to take a little nap in her car seat last Saturday.
 My mom sent my girls new swim cover-ups. They're cute.
 The cover-ups and the girls.
 We had some friends over for dessert on Sunday evening. Veda liked the cupcakes :)
Now I'm caught up for a few days!!


Mom said...

I loved this post. You have the cutest kids on the planet! Looks like you guys sure have a lot of fun.

kelsey said...

FRIENDS?!?! hehehe. Veda looks huge in that cover-up, and oh so darling, as usual.