Saturday, June 09, 2012

house pictures and hendrix is growing up

Dave spent this Saturday doing his least favorite thing on the planet... hanging up pictures. :) 
This is our entry way. And that is obviously where we keep all our shoes. I don't know why, but Dave seems to have the most. And Hendrix only has three pairs :)
These prints are from Fab of course!! :)  They all say "LOVE" isn't that cute?! 
We also finally got the print for the kid's bathroom. (My shower curtain is from West Elm and I'm in love with it. I looked everywhere for a curtain I liked. There are surprisingly few nice looking shower curtains out there. What's the deal with that?). 
Cute print, huh? It's from Society6. They have lots and lots of great prints. I almost got this one, and this one, or this one, and this one. But I think I made the right choice- the bathroom looks nice and happy now :)
 Speaking of happy... tonight is kinda bittersweet. Hendrix is NOT sleeping in his crib. He's sleeping on his mattress on the floor. Today for his nap he wanted to have a campout on his floor. And for some reason I let him- and he did great. He went right to sleep and didn't get up over and over. So I guess he's really ready for his big boy bed. TOTALLY AGAINST MY WILL HE'S MY BABY FOR GOODNESS SAKES AND BABIES SLEEP IN CRIBS!!! But, I guess, since he's three and half I will see how this goes. I am working on his big-boy bed. I'll take some pictures of the progress. And don't even talk to me about potty training him. I'm in no rush.


Mom said...

I love the entryway pictures and the shower curtain too! You guys have great taste! I think you and I have to plan a shoe shopping trip. But NOT to a store that closes 5 minutes after we get there :( It's hard to let go of the baby boy stuff. Should I send you a box of Kleenex for Quinn's first day of school?

kelsey said...

WHEN DID HE GET TO BE 3 1/2?~?~?~ That just shocked me.

Cutest shower curtain ever. You're right, they're ridiculously hard to find. Now I'm stealing yours when I get a house!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

gosh your house looks darling!! and i really like that plant in the cut-out thing in your wall in your entry way! (that wss ALOT of 'in' words! wow!!) you're such a good little decorator!

how did it go with H last night? i hope it's an easy transition!

Chelsea Stevens said...

Cute decor Amber!!! I love the prints too! P.S. I might have to copy your shower curtain... adorable!!!

Julie said...

Will you and Dave PLEASE come over and decorate my apartment?!? PLEEEEEEASE????